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Bido Lito!


Issue 63

February 2016
Issue 63 - February 2016 - OUT NOW!

Issue 63 / February 2016 - OUT NOW 

A little belatedly we welcome 2016 into our world, as our February 2016 issue looks forward to a bright, fresh year of new talent. In Issue 63's lead feature we speak to one of the leading lights for the next 12 months, TOM LOW, an artist who's on the cusp of a major breakthrough. Paul Fitzgerald catches up with the artist formerly know as Thomas McConnell to get inside his Brian Wilson level of obsessiveness.

Issue 63 also contains a feature on another formerly-known-as artist in TAYÁ; the 17-year-old Taylor Fowlis has come a long way since singing with the Positive Impact choir, working with some major RnB producers over the past 18 months as she lays the foundations for what should be a fascinating career. At the other end of the spectrum we have the introspective and heartfelt indie swoonsters MONO SIDEBOARDS, a quartet who seem to be following in Grandaddy's steps of fashioning their innermost feelings into gorgeous guitar laments. We also speak to modern Renaissance man JOHN GRANT ahead of his 7th February show at the Philharmonic Hall, and find an artist a little more at peace with the world, but no less interesting. Elsewhere, we revel in the past ten years of stompin' and hip-shakin' with THE GO-GO CAGE!, and we take a closer look at the work of label and "open-ended research project" FOLKLORE TAPES. And, in the first in a new series of features, Del Pike examines the music used across the film work of one of the world's most distinctive filmmakers in our SOUNDTRACKING... QUENTIN TARANTINO feature. With Tarantino's latest film The Hateful Eight in cinemas now, we look at his use of great tunes and bespoke scores that help define some of the more memorable moments in film history

This month's reviews section covers the back end of 2015's offerings alongside some choice moments from the start of the year, once again demonstrated with great flair by our industrious team of reviewers and photographers. COURTNEY BARNETT's show at the O2 Academy is heralded by Bethany Garrett, while Maurice Stewart gushes with praise for the return of PUBLIC ENEMY - but do you agree? If you do or don't, tell us on Twitter. Elsewhere, we have reviews from shows by DIALECT, HOWIE PAYNE and DAVE MCCABE AND THE RAMIFICATIONS, and we present a section of reviews that take in the final moments of The Kazimier: featuring Stealing Sheep's MYTHOPOEIA III: LEGS night, FOUR TET, DEAF SCHOOL, HOOTON TENNIS CLUB, and Christopher Torpey's emotional New Year's Eve farewell at the ESCAPE TO PLANET KRONOS closing night. There's also the usual array of news, previews and guest columns stuffed inside the pink pages to keep you entertained for the next month - enjoy!


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