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Bido Lito!


Issue 49

October 2014
Issue 49 - October 2014 - OUT NOW!

October 2014 issue - out now



We've got a blast of action this month to coincide with the autimnal feel. GULF open things up this month, regaling us with stories of how they've built their wholesome psych pop sound away from the glare of social media prying. TEAR TALK have been on our radar since their 2013 EP Port Sunlight, but with latest EP Ruins they've delved in to more of a melancholic pool of noir pop; Phil Gwyn catches up with them. We also engage in a bit of cosmic wisdom with AMIQUE, who proves yet again that he's the smoothest of operators round these here parts - you can listen to an exclusive strea, of his EP Oh! The Ecstasy HERE, and read a full transcript of the interview. LIVERPOOL MUSIC WEEK descends upon us again - for the tenh time no less - after two years off. We speak to festival organsiser Mike Deane about the travails of putting on such an event, and get giddy with excitement at the stunning line-up he has assembled this year. Speaking of which, we speak to one of those LMW 2014 artists PEAKING LIGHTS, taking in their analogue v digital approach to new record Cosmic Logic. The SILENT CITIES vehicle has been ongoing for quite some time, so w thought it was high time to catch up with the man behind the gothic acoustica; Josh Ray speaks to Silent Cities' Simon Maddison here. And the humble 7" record is praised in our feature with new label GOD UNKNOWN RECORDS. The brainchild of Mugstar's Jason Stoll, God Unknown will operate like a single club, releasing a series of split 45s featuring some of the heavier psych big-hitters Jason has befirended over his years in the business. The reviews section is in fine fettle once more, featuring an extended look over LIMF's August highlights, as well as ST VINCENT, FAT WHITE FAMILY/THE GROWLERS, NOZINJA, STEVEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS, GOASTT and festival action from BEACONS, FESTIVAL NO. 6 and ABOVE THE BEATEN TRACK.

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