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Bido Lito!


Thai Psych Mini Mix

RADIO EXOTICA present: Thai psych

The cool cats of RADIO EXOTICA continue on their tour – introducing us to some of their favourite sounds from around the world. Following on from last month's desert blue mini-mix, RADIO EXOTICA's Benjamin Power has put together a selection of his top Thai psych tracks.

Psychedelic music could possibly be the most diverse of all styles. With its range and scope covering folk, rock, pop, soul and more there is no one common theme but rather a multiplex of influences. The most common influence is Indian music with its drones, ragas and sitar. So where does Thai psych fit in?

'Luk thung' is a well known style of Thai music. Originating in the countryside after World War 2, luk thung has its roots firmly in traditional folk styles and is relatively unpolished with a poetic view on rural life, poverty and politics. Many of the traditional sounds found in luk thung are similar to Indian music and so have a natural psychedelic feel that was adopted by the west.

'Molam' is a more traditional style of music in Thailand that, instead of influencing, was influenced by western music during the 70s thanks to American Army bases positioned around the Isaan region of the country. A simplistic yet entrancing style, 'molam' is definitely psychedelic in nature which is probably why it absorbed so much of the western influence, copying faithfully guitar riffs from bands like Black Sabbath and The Rolling Stones.

This mix features tracks from some of Thailand's finest practitioners of luk thung and molam, including ANGKANANG, KHUN NARIN, DAO BANDON, SORENG SANTI and PLEARN PROMDAN.



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