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Bido Lito!


Podcast #8

EDGAR SUMMERTYME in session on latest podcast

For this month's podcast, our eighth broadcast from Elevator Recording Studio, we are joined by the legendary EDGAR SUMMERTYME, who comes in to perform an exclusive live session for us.

The word legend is a dangerous one to use, and is one that should be used with extreme caution. In the case of Edgar Summertyme the term legend is entirely justified, and in many ways doesn't go far enough to describe the level of genius the man possesses. As a result we were overjoyed when Edgar, formerly of The Stairs, The Joneses, The Big Kids and Free Peace among others, agreed to come in to the studio to record this exclusive session for this month's podcast. Having been off our radar for a while due to illness, Edgar is back with a new record and a renewed vigour to get back out performing again. With his own particular mix of blues, jazz, soul and straight up rock'n roll, he will always be seen as one of Liverpool's true mavericks, and that distinctive voice is getting back to its full strength. The session version of What Are We Gonna Do is evidence of this, showing more of the usual gravelly tones we're used to, in stark contrast to the very restrained version on upcoming album Sense Of Harmony. The cover of David Bowie's Rock 'N Roll Suicide (with backing vocals supplied by Bido Assistant Editor Christopher Torpey!) is also testament to this, providing a rollicking finish to another stellar session.

This month we are joined by a guest host and regular Bido Lito! contributor Sam Garlick, of everisland Promotions, Tighten Up, Bombarda Collective and much more. We also invite Sam's promotions partner on everisland Clarry Mowforth to join us for a discussion based around the emerging wave of young promoters, and Liverpool's changing face of live music with the new and varied live venues that are springing up. We also have music from BALTIC FLEET, CIRCA WAVES, MUTO LEO, DOMINOES and JETHRO FOX, plus our Competition, Podcast Gig Guide and loads more...


Take a peek inside the studio of Edgar Summertyme's session with Robin Clewley's exclusive photo gallery HERE

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Elevator Recording Studio / Edgar Summertyme / Robin Clewley

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