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Bido Lito!


Podcast #22

ETCHES live in session on our latest podcast

The Bido Lito! Podcast, in association with Elevator Recording Studio, Episode 22.

For our final episode of 2013 we decided to cast our eyes and ears back over the previous 12 months and look at some of the #BidoBest moments that occurred in the city this year. Including suggestions from our readers and listeners who tweeted and messaged us their own favourite moments, releases and memories from music on Merseyside in 2013. Plus we invited BBC Radio Merseyside's Roger Hill in to discuss his own highlights of the year.

Etches also join us for our live session this month, and perform their new single Let's Move In as well as a pretty special cover. The music this month was chosen by our presenters as their favourite track of the year, featuring DAN CROLL, ALL WE ARE, BILL RYDER-JONES, FOREST SWORDS and OUTFIT. As a special treat we recorded a video of their session - feast your eyes on Ste Webster's exclusive video of Etches performing Let's Move In in session HERE.

Have a look through Samantha Milligan's exclusive photo gallery from the studio HERE.

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