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Bido Lito!


Liverpool Psych Fest Guest Mix

Stargazing Jodrell Bank warm-up mix

As a warm-up for their set at the first of THE TRANSMISSIONS: LIVE FROM JODRELL BANK event of the summer (with The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Saturday 6th July), the DJs from Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia have put together this guest mix for us.

Taking inspiration from the fact that the Jodrell Bank event will be taking place in the shadow of the imposing Lovell Telescope, they've gone soaring in the outer reaches of the cosmos with some of Chile's finest psychedelic space wanderers. Up in the heights of the Andes you can bask in unadulterated starlight, and look out across a vast swathe of the Universe. Mining the depths of the catalogues of Blow Your Mind Records and Pastabase Records has shown that the South Americans have been finding a groove in this stargazing for years. And this is long before the recent successes of Föllakzoid and The Holydrug Couple, both of whom have since had albums released in US and UK by Sacred Bones Records. And if The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane isn't the best name for a band ever, then surely their track here (In Maragaritas With David Icke) is the best titled song!

Sit back and allow them to blow your mind...


WATCHOUT! - Hit Tha Party (from To Live And Leave on Blow Your Mind Records) 

THE GANJAS - La Lluvia No Quiere Caer (from This Is The Time on Algo Records)

LA HELL GANG - So Much Better (from Just What Is Real on Blow Your Mind Records) 

FÖLLAKZOID - Trees (from II on Blow Your Mind Records/Sacred Bones Records) 

VUELVETELOCA - Jinete Galáctico (from Jinete Galáctico on Blow Your Mind Records) 

THE PSYCHEDELIC SCHAFFERSON JETPLANE - In Margaritas With David Icke (on Pastabase Records) 

OCELOTE ROJO - Untitled #1 (from Pacarina EP, self released) 

THE HOLYDRUG COUPLE - Je T'aime Moi Non Plus (from Todo Muere Vol. 3 on Sacred Bones)


The Transmissions: Live From Jodrell Bank start on Saturday 6th July, featuring The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Hawkwind, The Time And Space Machine, The Lucid Dream and Liverpool Psych Fest DJs. For more information go to

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