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Hypnotic Sound Of Mali

Largely shaped by the harsh realities of drought, famine and conflict, the music of Mali has a political, social and emotional potency that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. Best known for the desert blues of the Tuareg people, the music of Mali - like that of most African nations - is ethnically diverse. However, a rich vein of influence from the ancient Mali Empire of the Mandinka runs through almost all the music made in country, giving it a distinctly hypnotic sound easily recognised as Malian – be it made by the Tuareg, Fula, Mande, Songhai or any of the various other groups of people that make Mali’s culture so rich and diverse.

As Harvest Sun and Africa Oyé prepare for the arrival of psychedelic desert rockers TAMIKREST, Josh Ray has weaved together some Saharan sounds to get Liverpool in the mood. The mix serves as a great entry point to the music of Mali and features Tamikrest, Tinariwen, Ali Farka Touré and Mali Music.

Tamikrest play The Kazimier on Saturday 8th November. Tickets can be found HERE.

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