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Bido Lito!


Desert Blues Mini Mix

RADIO EXOTICA present: Desert blues

The cool cats of RADIO EXOTICA continue on their tour – introducing us to some of their favourite sounds from around the world. Following on from last month's Latin boogaloo mini-mix, RADIO EXOTICA's Rory Taylor has put together a selection of his top desert blues tracks.

Desert blues refers to the music of the Tuareg people and related nomad groups of the Sahara. First popularised by legendary Malian singer and multi-instrumentalist, ALI FARKA TOURÉ, desert blues is often considered the roots of American blues. The sound is primarily guitar-driven in the style known as 'assouf' and incorporates some incredibly groovy basslines, as well traditional nomad melodies and rhythms.

Commonly referred to as ‘rebel music’, desert blues is an integral part of the historic struggle which has taken place in much of North Africa. Many of the scene's biggest stars honed their craft in revolutionary training camps or learned electric guitar in refugee tent cities. The music they create often speaks to the realities of their lives.

Entrancing, sometimes melancholy, and often downright trippy, this mix features tracks from some of North Africa's most celebrated musicians, including Ali Farka Touré, SALIF KEITA, AMADOU AND MARIAM and TINARIWEN, as well some of its rising stars, including TAMIKREST, TERAKAFT, BOMBINO and SONGHOY BLUES.



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