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Bido Lito!


Deep Hedonia Guest Mix

New mix ahead of Palmistry event

The folks behind DEEP HEDONIA have tapped in to a fine seam in Liverpool right now: since their inception last summer the live promotions collective have brought and showcased some of the finest electronically-inclined musicians about, and they show no signs of abating anytime soon. On 9th March they are teaming up with Brooklyn Mixer to bring PALMISTRY to BM's Hideout Bar for a free show. Palmistry is currently best known for producing Cantonese rapper Triad God, who took the experimental electronic scene by storm last year with NXB, however his two EPs I Swear and Cut showed that he could make solo music that rivalled his collaborator. Palmistry’s music sweats London, not felt before since the rise in UKG in the early 2000s, with melodramatic strings interwoven with two-step beats, breathy vocals and intimidating bass lines bubbling underneath.

For more information on this event see the full details on the event page - HERE

This mix was made by one of Deep Hedonia's own artists Kepla, as a representation of "the soundworld that we've been trying to bring to Liverpool since our launch last June. It features some of our past acts (Yola Fatoush, Lunar Modular, Laurel Halo, Bantam Lions) as well as some upcoming acts in Palmistry and NHK'Koyxen. Plus a bunch of tracks that have been on our radar recently. It was pretty hard to come up with this mix as our scope of electronic music isn't limited by genre, or BPM, so some have had to be collided in a pretty caustic/amateur way, but we hope you enjoy the mix anyway!" Enjoy away.

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