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Bido Lito!


The Cyclist Guest Mix

Send in the Velodrones

Featured in our March 2014 issue, Liverpool-based producer THE CYCLIST really caught our ear with his intense, challenging and immersive tunes. So, to accompany the feature in Issue 42, we asked the Derry-born artist to put together an exclusive mix for us, to help shed a bit more light on his roots and influences. And he also selected a few of the tracks from the mix and explained what they meant to him as an artist. Over to The Cyclist:


"This mix kind of encapsulates a lot the electronic side of music that I either love or has really had a huge bearing on my sound. Probably every one of these tracks, or at least the artists involved, have heavily inspired me in some way. Also, I've added an exclusive unreleased tune here, which will be out later in the year, though I'd rather hide the identity of that tune for now..."

Burial - South London Burroughs

"Burial's not really an artist who needs much of an introduction, though definitely an artist who introduced me to the range of what can be made using a laptop. This is the first track off his first 12" on Hyperdub and probably his most bangin' tune for me."


Boards Of Canada - Julie And Candy

"These just properly blended psychedelia and electronic music in such an amazing way. I was totally inspired as soon as I heard the first sounds off this album (Geogaddi). This song in particular is definitely a highlight and seems to take so many off-kilter directions that you just can't help but become engrossed in it."


Fingers Inc - Can You Feel It

"The last track on this mix, but obviously not the least, this seminal deep house track is just so well grooved and so nicely stripped back and sorta minimal. My favourite recording from Trax and definitely one of those few 'classic' house tracks that still sounds pretty damn modern."


In our March 2014 feature on The Cyclist, we neglected to mention his May 2013 LP Bones In Motion, released through Leaving Records/Stones Throw Records. Instead we focused on his debut LP Bending Brass. For those of you who'd like to find out more about Bones In Motion - which is a fairly stunning affair, and builds on the sprawling 'tape throb' aesthetic laid down by Bending Brass - then you can listen to it online here -

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