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Bido Lito!


Cumbia Mini Mix

RADIO EXOTICA present: Cumbia

The cool cats of RADIO EXOTICA continue on their tour – introducing us to some of their favourite sounds from around the world. Following on from last month's Thai psych mini-mix, RADIO EXOTICA's Benjamin Power has put together a selection of his top cumbia tracks.

Summer is finally here so we thought we would invite you to dance your pretty socks to the sexiest music you’re likely to hear. Cumbia is a style of music focused on the dance that was originally used as a courtship practiced by the African community. There are a number of influences within cumbia, mainly coming from the instrumentation of Africa and Europe. Though it is also heavily influenced by traditional Amerindian (indigenous people of the Americas) styles.

In this mix we have selected tracks from a variety of countries and Cumbia styles ranging across South America, including LOS IMMORTALES, CHICO CERVANTES, EL NINO LLORA and more. Open the windows, let the world in and dance the courtship dance.



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